Bio of the Artist

Artist Statement

   My artwork is the story of people. The story of whom we are, what we feel, think, and believe. The story is conveyed through a broad view, ranging from first person self-perception to the outsider looking in. We all see the world in these ways. My goal is to present it to you through a tangible and observable language with my interpretations. Whether I'm composing a piece (much like the way a director would a scene of a film) paying close attention to the lighting, color, characters and narrative in order to tell the story from the outsider’s eye. Or whether I'm abstracting people and their surroundings to project the vast array of complexity we as humans see the world and ourselves in a first-person experience. I am in every instance using techniques that continue to innovate, develop, and sharpen. Although I enjoy working with many mediums I've chosen oil painting to best exercise and strengthen this ongoing process in the search to produce the right image for the right idea.  In future series I plan to continually refine and expand my techniques. Drawing my ideas from what does and what will continually inspire me; God, films, music, stories, and all forms of life experiences will always shape what I create.     

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